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ICF foundations are becoming an increasingly common way to build homes in Halifax, and all of Nova Scotia. Ruggles Contracting is fully certified in ICF Construction.

ICF, also known as Insulated Concrete Forms, tends to be found in new construction versus in older buildings that have been renovated. This modern building material is usually made of blocks of polystyrene foam with space in between to pour a concrete wall. While this process is most commonly used for ICF foundation walls, many contractors and construction companies are now taking ICF to the next level by using them for above-grade walls of one, two and three-story homes.

ICF blocks come in interlocking sections. Once installed, the wall system fits tightly together. When the blocks are in place, concrete is poured, then finishes like drywall and siding are attached to fastener strips embedded in the insulation.

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The benefits of choosing ICF construction in Nova Scotia are many. ICF acts as an excellent insulator. Not only does it seal well, preventing air leakage through the walls … it also has two continuous insulation layers, one interior and one exterior, with no thermal bridges. This reduces heat loss in your building, making it very energy efficient. It can also provide greater comfort – maintaining consistent temperatures with no chilly draft coming through.

Members of the Ruggles Contracting team are fully certified in ICF construction. John himself has laid more than a quarter million square feet of ICF in Nova Scotia!

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John Ruggles, owner and operator of Ruggles Contracting, has 30 years of experience in contract work. He has 6 years of experience in metal roofing specifically, and his foreman has more than 15 years of experience in the field. Contact us today to get started on your project.

Your first quote is free and John completes ALL the estimating himself. When you request a quote, we’ll get back to you within a 7-day period. We work on all different types of buildings – ask us about our manufacturers’ warranty on our building supplies for your next project. There’s a 5-year warranty on our work - quality workmanship is guaranteed. Every time.